pregnant woman considering abortion

You do not have to tell your partner you want an abortion. In fact, if your partner has abusive tendencies, it may be in your best interest to not tell him.

However, if your partner is not abusive and you don’t have a reason to worry about your safety, then you might want to tell your partner—especially if you wish to continue in your relationship.

Here are a few reasons why you might tell your partner about your pregnancy and your thoughts on wanting an abortion.

1. It’s Only Fair to Tell Your Partner.

Your partner played a role in your pregnancy. It’s only fair that he’s aware of the situation. While your pregnancy decision will impact you the most as a woman, it will still affect his life, too.

Even if you don’t see your relationship lasting long-term, telling him about your pregnancy and potential choice will show that you care about him and want him to be in the loop.

2. It Will Build Trust.

If you are considering continuing your relationship with your partner, then it’s vital that you trust each other. Deciding about your pregnancy and not telling him could surface later and cause a break in his trust.

Keeping such a serious secret from him could put your relationship to the test. Instead, telling your partner from the beginning and being honest with him could bring you closer together and not risk a fight down the road.

3. He Might Have Other Thoughts.

Your partner may have a different outlook or thoughts about your pregnancy situation. While you might disagree with his views or opinions, having a conversation and reaching a consensus could help you feel more confident in your pregnancy choice.

4. It Empowers Him to Support You.

He can’t help and support you if he’s unaware of your pregnancy or your thoughts on abortion. If you open up to him, it allows him to step up and support you.

This can help you feel less isolated and take some stress off of you. Maybe he can attend appointments with you or listen when you want to share concerns.

While you don’t know how he will react until you tell him, it could have a positive outcome.

Are You Still on the Fence?

It’s normal to want to avoid hard conversations, but it could be beneficial to tell your partner about your current circumstance.

If you’re still wondering whether or not to tell him, or if you are considering your pregnancy options, visit The Pregnancy Resource Center. We’re here to provide no-cost pregnancy services, information, resources, and a listening ear to help you during this time.

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