woman considering abortion

Are you thinking over your pregnancy options but feel this overwhelming pressure to choose abortion due to your partner? No one should force you into a pregnancy decision. 

Take the time you need to think for yourself and find support that will inform you about your options non-judgmentally and without pressure. We can help.  

The Final Decision is Yours

Again, the final decision is up to you, even if you feel pressure from your partner. You may have reservations about abortion, the procedures, and the major risks to you physically and mentally.

Trust your gut and learn more about the process of abortion, as well as your other options, to feel confident in whatever decision you make next.

Understand Your Pregnancy Details

To make a confident pregnancy decision, you will want to understand your pregnancy details, including:

  • Viability (is your pregnancy healthy and progressing?)
  • The location of your pregnancy (is it growing within your uterus?)
  • Gestational age (how far along you are)

After confirming your pregnancy with a free, lab-quality pregnancy test with us, our team at The Pregnancy Resource Center can provide a free and confidential limited obstetrical ultrasound. 

Some women experience pregnancy complications, so it’s vital to receive an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy health and your options.

Discuss Your Options in a Safe Space

If you feel unsafe due to the pressure of your partner, get help right away. Don’t hesitate to contact the domestic abuse hotline for assistance.

If your partner is not violent but is still pressuring you into abortion, try to create clear boundaries and remind your partner that you have the final say in this pregnancy decision.

Be informed about all your pregnancy options today with our compassionate and safe environment. Schedule a free appointment to find support.